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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions about BellaTori™ train please feel free to go to our Contact page and submit your questions along with your contact info.

  • Are there any import, special duties or taxes?
    Not in the Canada and Mexico (NAFTA). Outside the US, there may be applicable duties and taxes. Customers are responsible for all custom, import and export fees and applicable taxes in their own country.
  • Are your products made in the United States of America?
    Yes, all products manufactured by True American Classics such as the Bella Tori Trackless Train System are manufactured in the United States.
  • Can anybody ride the train?
    Yes, anybody from kids to adults to big kids to grandpa and grandma. The train has an appeal to people of all ages. However, there should be a size requirement for tiny kids. For instance, if they are under 33" tall and 3 years and under, a parent or guardian must ride with them.
  • Can carts and locomotive be ordered separately?
    Yes, however, we recommend using our carts but you can order just the locomotive. Our carts are designed to turn in sharp radius in conjunction with the locomotive. You may also add carts later.
  • Can I rent a train for a few weeks or a few months?
    Yes, call inside sales office for more info. However, do bear in mind that purchasing a train might be a better option.
  • Can one person doing the loading and unloading of the train?
    Yes. We recommend using a covered trailer, such as a 25’ trailer. The engine can easily be driven onto the trailer, and the cars are light enough for one person to load via the rear ramp. We can show and tell how to do this when you have your train delivered.
  • Do I need liability insurance?
    Insurance is always is a must while operating the train especially with children involved. Please look for info at
  • Do you offer financing for your Trackless Train Systems?
    We offer several options for third-party financing, please contact us for details at (706) 202-5277.
  • Do you provide shipping to my location?
    We now offer white glove delivery to anywhere within 8-10 hours from Atlanta. Prices are based on a per mile rate, and may vary depending on current fuel cost. We also can ship by common carrier, most likely via Fedex Freight ;It usually cost from $1500 to $2500.
  • Do you use the single axle carts?
    No. The ball bearings are too small and the tires simply dont last because they are nothing more than hand truck wheels. We use the 12 inch tires with 3/4 axle Instead of the single nut type rim, that wear out the bearings as fast as the cheap tires, we use a heavy duty high speed four lug hub with sealed roller bearings rated at 1,000lbs each.

    The spindles are 3/4 (rated 1,000lbs each) and could be run on a paved road or any standard transportation route for moving vehicle. Obviously, the train is not designed to go on highway.

    The larger single axle cars manufactured by others are not stable. Cars using more than one bench seat leads to only half of the weight being supported which could be overturned or they teeter-totter requiring some type of back up caster to prevent a nose dive. Our carts are safe because all of the weight transfer directly over the axles on all 4 wheels.

    The passenger carts are best using four tires and front end steering. Our steering is not a wagon type turning axle but automotive type spindles (3/4’ front end axel ) turning from tie rods connected to the tongue, thus offers stability, safety and turning.
  • Does BellaTori offer financing or leasing?
    Although we do not, we can direct you to finance companies that have assisted lots of our customers in the past.

    Contact Peter Alrich at Firestone Financing at:

    Peter Aldrich Inside Sales Representative


    27 Christina Street
    P.O. Box 610325
    Newton, MA 02461-0325
    Direct Line/617.641.9237
  • How long will the train run between charges?
    12 -15 hours , depending on the type of terrain and the weight the train is carried.
  • How safe are your Trackless Trains?We pride ourselves on the unparalleled safety of our products. Our Trackless Train Systems meet or exceed manufacturing safety standards and are much safer than most amusement park rides. Our Trackless Trains are Type E OSHA requirements 1910.178, ANSI B56.8 compliant.
  • In what markets does the train operate?
    Approximately 70% of our trains operate in malls, some as transportation mode. We also sell to amusement parks, zoos, carnival companies,, family fun centers, museums, family resorts, Special Event and promotional companies.
  • I’m going to operate a train indoors; can I have a smoke machine?
    Yes. The smoke machine is odorless and pollution free. The liquid that produces the smoke is glycol based, perfect for mall train.
  • What are the standard colors? Can I pick my own color? Can you make custom graphics?
    Yes, unlike other manufacturer, you can pick your own color and we actually help you design your own train. Our experienced graphic department will help you design a train that is custom made just for you or your location.
  • What is the train made of?
    A combination of wood (Baltic birch, Maple, MDF, Extira) and metal.

    The carts are made out of MDF, primed and sealed twice, a coat of catalyzed varnish and a clear coat on top of that. We use high performance topcoat that is specifically formulated for high contact areas. The carts are cam locked together with gyro locks just like most furniture. If one panel is broken, take it off and replace another. Our competitors’ carts if broken, one must change the whole cart.

    Our Locomotive is 90% steel and 10% wood. The train’s firebox, piston box, pistons, steam valve are made of steel. The cab is designed with wood and painted black. The locomotive has the automotive finish that can outlast and outshine!

    Unlike fiberglass models, no special bodywork knowledge and toxic paints are required to perform minor repairs and repainting. It is easier to replace a panel or touch up paint as compared to filling or gel coating a fiberglass shell.
  • What is the warranty?
    The power train is covered for 1 year and the rest of the train (carts and etc.) are covered for 180 days. The warranty is further described on the very first page of the Operations Manual that you will receive with your train.
  • What is your lead time on building a train?
    BellaTori Train is custom built to suit, typically our lead time is 35 to 40 days from the date of receiving the funds and of course depending on seasonal backlogs (such as Christmas Seasons).
  • What maintenance is required?
    Checking to ensure proper water level on the batteries (or ask for a single point external watering system upgrade), inspecting all wheels, axles, steering mechanisms and hitches. The routine should be performed often to ensure safe operation. Please grease the balls and hitches as often as you can, We recommend performing a visual walk-around, inspecting wheel, bolts and nuts, wheel bearings, doors and latches, hitches and bolting hardware before each ride.
  • Where can the train operate?
    The train is powered by a 48v Electric Motor and can be operated indoors and outdoors. It will run on any hard, level surface, including asphalt, pavement, concrete and firm lawns. The area MUST be level, however, to ensure the safety of your passengers. The turning radius is 15’. Check your local ordinances if you are using a park or public area. Remember, hills are not acceptable, trackless trains require fairly flat terrain on a hard surface. Only on slight inclines.
  • Why not make fiberglass shell or steel?
    Although it would be a quicker process, both have flaws. Steel is too heavy and with fiberglass models, special bodywork knowledge and toxic paints are required to perform minor repairs and repainting. It is easier to replace a panel or touch up paint as compared to filling or gel coating an easily cracked fiberglass shell.
  • How much does the Bella Tori Weigh?
    Approximately 2800 lbs. total weight.
    Locomotive: 1600 lbs
    Carts: 1200 lbs
  • What type of motor does the Bella Tori Trackless Train use?
    The Bella Tori uses a 10HP Separately Excited electric motor. Internal batteries are re-charged via a built-in 25 amp charger system.